Anhui Vmax Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is located in Lu'an, Anhui,China. It is one of the biggest forklift manufacturers in China, which has 67,000 square meter area workshop and outputs 5,000 sets of forklifts annually. We have different kinds of large blazing cutter, pla...More

Vmaxt is one of the biggest forklift manufacturers in China


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Small detail maintenance steps of a diesel forklift 2018-04-23

In our life, the fork lift truck belongs to a kind of large mechanical equipment, and its types are generally divided into four kinds: ordinary internal combustion forklift, heavy ...

The man teaches you how to maintain an electric forklift 2018-04-12

Electric forklift, as the name suggests electric drive, mainly the battery supply power, so we choose and purchase in addition to the appearance of electric forklift in addition to...

[note] what kind of forklift accessories to let the boss praise! 2018-03-24

At present, more and more large, medium and small business projects will use forklift to make use of their work, not only speeding up the production speed of products, but also red...

What are the electric forklifts of the warehousing class? 2018-03-09

Electric forklift can be divided into: four to the electric forklift, electric pallet stacker, hand push up electric stacker, electric tractor, electric forklift trucks, four thre...

Moving ahead the new journey- Congratulations to Vmax opening in 2018! 2018-03-02


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