Anhui Vmax Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is located in Lu'an, Anhui,China. It is one of the biggest forklift manufacturers in China, which has 67,000 square meter area workshop and outputs 5,000 sets of forklifts annually. We have different kinds of large blazing cutter, pla...More

Vmaxt is one of the biggest forklift manufacturers in China


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Structure features of forklift truck 2017-11-24

Forklift, structural features and performance indicators for forklift technical parameters Main technical parameters: rated capacity, load center distance, maximum lifting height, ...

How to maintain the battery of electric forklift 2017-11-17

The electric forklift battery belongs to its core components, so it is of importance to the electric forklift, the following electric forklift manufacturers to introduce how to mai...

What is forklift fork and fork? 2017-11-09

1. forklift truck, its high fork and fork, what is specific?In addition, the forklift truck in this kind of electric, the use of a long time later, whether to add distilled water? ...

Electric forklift needs three points maintenance 2017-10-21

Electric forklift, in our daily production, played a crucial role, this sophisticated equipment, the use of modern advanced technology, perfect combination of full automation and m...

Share the flow of electric forklift fork 2017-10-09

Electric fork lift fork for goods. Fork fork cargo process can be summarized as eight movements. 1. Approach the stack. After the forklift truck starts, according to the location ...

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