Anhui Vmax Heavy Industry Co., Ltd is located in Lu'an, Anhui,China. It is one of the biggest forklift manufacturers in China, which has 67,000 square meter area workshop and outputs 5,000 sets of forklifts annually. We have different kinds of large blazing cutter, pla...More

Vmaxt is one of the biggest forklift manufacturers in China


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Difference between vertical drive and horizontal drive for electric forklift 2018-02-10

Vertical drive: By the 1 vertical drive motor, a steering gear box, transmission device is connected with the driving wheel, has the advantages of large bearing capacity, small tu...

Why should the forklift carry on the protection of explosion-proof? 2018-02-07

Forklift has been widely used. It is the most basic and main handling machinery for port, dock, station,warehouse and industrial and mining enterprises. In petroleum, chemical, pha...

Corrosion causes of electric forklift 2018-01-25

The electric forklift can be divided into internal combustion forklift and battery forklift. The application of internal combustion forklift most in ports, docks and industrial sit...

How should the thermostat of the forklift truck be checked? 2018-01-15

There is a great difference between the forklift and the structure of the cooling system of the ordinary car. The cooling fan of a forklift is often driven by the engine, and the s...

The difference between the advantages and disadvantages of an electric forklift and a diesel forklift 2018-01-09

Each type of forklift has its applicable occasions, the wrong selection will cause accidents and inefficient warehouse operation, electric forklift and forklift. In fact, each one ...

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